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Feb 01, 2016
To Lease or Not to Lease!
Peter Scully has been experienced in vehicle leasing for over 45years and lends his personal insight to why consumers should at least consider leasing when considering how to finance a vehicle.

Jan 01, 2016
Welcome to a new way of buying a vehicle. A smarter approach. A new attitude. A friendly way of doing business. Save your time. Save your money. Come by often. Tell your friends. We know you will like it!

Nov 04, 2009
Where did it all begin...

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To Lease or Not to Lease!

Feb 01, 2016

IS LEASING THE BEST TOOL TO FINANCE YOUR VEHICLE DECISION? Peter Scully, Vehicle Consultant and Owner UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc. The best way to approach this decision is to ask yourself these questions; 1) I want ownership of the vehicle as I wish to keep the vehicle for a long period. 2) I wish to "rent" the vehicle paying only for what I use and have a fixed term with no residual (resale) responsibility. Let’s consider this question. You still have the option at the end of a lease to complete ownership and buy the vehicle but this is NOT the approach I would suggest you take. You do have the option at the end of the lease to compare the lease residual with the market value at the time and if there is equity you can purchase the vehicle or find a willing buyer and recover some of the cost of the lease. Works. Unfortunately, there is a weighed cost to the convenience of leasing but believe there is an overall benefit in the lower payment, not having a long ownership cycle or the responsibility of a “Value” when it is time to make a change. Bottom line, a vehicle is not an appreciating asset, it is a depreciating liability and as such should be approached as an expense. Keeping the expense, the vehicle, and the responsibility within your personal tolerances I believe is achieved with leasing, but hey, an opinion. 3) I want to know how much my vehicle really costs? A question many want to know. When you lease a vehicle, you can “fix” your vehicle expense as you know exactly what it will cost in lease payments every month, you can fix your maintenance/fuel costs based on your driving habits, and insurance. As you are not responsible, in a consumer lease, for the residual value of your leased vehicle, your accumulated cost of these items over your use period is “fixed”. When you finance a vehicle all the same expenses come into play BUT you cannot determine what the final vehicle expense is until you end your use period by trading or selling your vehicle. Is this a risk? Of course, especially when the finance terms are increasing in order to keep pace with the ever rising cost of vehicles. The increasing number of “up side down” finance agreements and subsequent deficiency financing compounds this unknown expense. A scary fact dealers work with every day. Does this point you to leasing as a remedy? Certainly think so. A note; If you do not like the long ownership cycle - lease for 48 months or finance 72 months or longer - you can reduce the lease term. It is cheaper - lower monthly payment - in a lease to shorten the term than in a finance agreement - remember you are only paying the difference between original price and residual value, not the whole purchase price. So if you are considering changing your vehicle more often - without a trade value responsibility - maybe we should consider a shorter lease term? My suggestion when finalizing a finance agreement is to compare the finance payment to a lease payment on the same vehicle. This is certainly not to be construed as selfish on my part - I sell you more cars :) - but a means to keep you in a new vehicle more often with little or no trade value responsibility. Maybe instead of shortening your finance term - a higher payment - you can change your vehicle more often? You can keep your monthly vehicle expense approximately the same over the use of several vehicles, but that is the subject of another discussion. OK? Hope this helps.


Jan 01, 2016

Welcome to a new way of buying a vehicle. A smarter approach. A new attitude. A friendly way of doing business. Save your time. Save your money. Come by often. Tell your friends. We know you will like it!


Nov 04, 2009


UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc. / Innovative Vehicle Solutions for Small Business in Canada

The Paperless Press Richmond Hill Ontario CANADA

Release Immediately July 2009

Peter Scully is pleased to announce the formation of UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc., a new automotive business

dedicated to assisting consumers and small business with their specific vehicle requirements in Canada.

UBIC's unique approach to the automotive business will allow clients the opportunity to acquire, finance and

remarket vehicles used for their business from a single source.

UBIC is a group of very experienced automotive professionals, each bringing with them a whole host of

resources that will assist in meeting the expectations and results that small business owners will be looking

for. The once complicated, time consuming and costly task for small business owners to satisfy the vehicle

needs of their business can now be confidently handled through a single company and in-turn save money.

How UBIC is able to provide complete services and savings to its clients is through the contact base they

have developed, working with finance and leasing companies, auction facilities and a network of independent

dealers and associates.

Being an independent company, UBIC has no affiliation with any automotive manufacturer or finance

company. This simply means that what works best solely influences any recommendation UBIC provides to

its clients.

Regardless the size of a fleet UBIC is able to handle any request, and as required, providing a detailed report

showing descriptions, terms and price quotations. The UBIC staff and associates are dedicated to serving their

clients with the best service and best practices any time they have a need to acquire, finance or re-market

their vehicle fleet, while striving to reduce their operating costs.

"We did not know such a complete service was available. We have been spending many unproductive hours

researching, visiting dealers, and negotiating price and trade values. We still end up not sure if we made the

right decision for our business. UBIC Vehicle Solutions did the leg work for us and presented a concise report

upon which we made a knowledgeable decision. " J.F. Richmond Hill, Ontario

"I have been doing business with the same manufacturer /dealer for years. I am sure some of the decisions

on our business vehicles have been influenced by this relationship. They may not have been the best for my

business bottom line, especially now that I have partners. UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc. will allow us to map

our vehicle requirements in an unbiased, efficient and cost effective manner." P.C. Toronto, Ontario

"I have always had a problem disposing of my business vehicles and had only limited resources to determine

if I was getting fair value. UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc. provides many options to dispose of out of service

vehicles. They use their many resources and experience to ensure I receive the best value for these vehicles

let alone the time I saved in the process" D.R. Etobicoke, Ontario

UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc. is located at 30 Via Renzo Drive, Suite 200. Richmond Hill, Ontario. L4S- 0B8.

Peter Scully can be contacted via email peter@ubicinc.com , Cell 416-606-0613 or Office 905-787-2009.

Visit us at www.ubicinc.com