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Feb 01, 2016
To Lease or Not to Lease!
Peter Scully has been experienced in vehicle leasing for over 45years and lends his personal insight to why consumers should at least consider leasing when considering how to finance a vehicle.

Jan 01, 2016
Welcome to a new way of buying a vehicle. A smarter approach. A new attitude. A friendly way of doing business. Save your time. Save your money. Come by often. Tell your friends. We know you will like it!

Nov 04, 2009
Where did it all begin...

UBIC Affiliate Program

Sales and Lease Associates Affiliate Program

Are you in the automotive or equipment business?
Do you like what you see and hear in our philosophy toward our clients?
Are you ready to bring a new dimension to your career?

Are your customers demanding more yet you cannot satisfy these requests simply because you have nowhere to turn for the answer?

Missed opportunity means missed income to you. Please contact us and we will show you how you can use the services of UBIC to satisfy the varied requests from your small business client. Remember, we have access and can complete a sale with most manufacturers dealers, arrange financing and leasing, all on your behalf as an affiliate of UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc.

Dealer Referral Income Program (DRIP)

As a dealer, have you ever lost income or more importantly, the customer loyalty which has cost you so much in time and money to develop, just because you could not satisfy the model selection?

Other vehicle  makes, commercial vehicles, lease options, or difficult financing requirments requested by your customers may be a found income source through DRIP.

Your customers will be protected. Once your customer is referred to us by you, any activity directed by us for your client will result in a referral fee paid to you.

Remember, when your customer asks you to satisfy a need or you recognize an opportunity, you will be quick to say "U Bet I Can".

Please contact us today for more details.

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